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Whether you’re planning a joyous wedding celebration, a professional business event, a heartfelt bereavement gathering, or just want to create a memorable family and friends occasion, Portofino is here to turn your event into something truly extraordinary.

Located in a stunning, newly designed waterfront venue, Portofino is fully prepared to meet your every need. Our wide range of menu options ensures that you can tailor the dining experience to your specific tastes and preferences. From brunch buffets to banquet dinners, we offer a variety of affordable menu choices to suit your budget.

And yes, Portofino also offers catering services for your upcoming party. You can choose from our exceptional culinary offerings and pick up the dishes from our venue to bring to your chosen location. Please take a look at our catering menu for more information about our offerings and pricing. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event.

For personalized event planning and to discuss the details of your upcoming special day, please don’t hesitate to contact Portofino Restaurant and Events. We’re here to make your event truly exceptional.

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